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Old solutions meet new possibilities – welcome to the first real estate project based on blockchain power. Due to newest blockchain technology used in our investments we manage to reduce costs and maximize profits.

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ICO ended

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How it works


You need to buy Estate Token...

By buying EST token you're supporting our company and provide yourself agood place in our project


...we are flipping apartaments...

Every income generated by EST token is allocated in real estate apartments - house flipping.


...and share our profits from sale with You. .

Profits from flipped apartments are shared between all our club members according to number of their EST token.

Who are we?

We are group of people connected with common vision. Now is the time for blockchain technology to exist on the real estate market - one of the most profitable businesses. Our project was created in order to give the opportunity to earn on real estate for everyone, regardless of their capital. Thanks to ICO we are capable to reach the people and show our business to the world.

We want our project to be simple. There are plenty of businesses all over the internet. You don't need to choose us – choose our vision. Our goal is to combine old solutions like real estates with new possibilities – the blockchain technology.

We believe that real estates are the best goods to provide high profits to our investors. Combining it with blockchain power we want our token to be stable as foundations of our apartments. Join us today!

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Tokens Created


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Włodzimierz Piwowarczyk
CEO & Founder
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Michał Muras
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Andrzej Hilczer
Copmany Advisor
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Mariusz Fultyn
Copmany Advisor
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Bartosz Wójtowicz
Renovation Expert
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Alicja Krawiec
Expert Architect

Our RoadMap


We deal with estate flipping, and plan to engage in short- and long-term property leasing.

House flipping denotes the process of investing in real estate, just to sell it further for a siginificant profit margin. Usually the estate's value is increased with renovation andnew furniture.

On a single flip we earn around 30 000 PLN, might be more, we do not see the possibility of earning less, since we simply pass on buying such estates.

Real estate leasing in our case is around 11%. A higher return rate comes from the fact that such estates are being flipped too (in such cases we flip just for ourselves), and where the possibility exists, we employ a mix of both short- and long-term leasing.

Flipping means the process of buying, renovating, and reselling property. In some situation it might be impossible to flip (for example, if the capital gathered is so vast, the current manageable processing power needed for all estates would be too high, or if there aren't the right estates being sold on the market etc.). In such cases, leasing hightens the profitability of the project.

The EST token is based on the ERC-20 protocol (Ethereum Request for Comments) based on Ethereum. The maximum amount of tokens will be 100 000 000 EST.

Approximately 85-90% of all acquired resources will be spent on purchase and renovation of properties, so as to lower any risk (estates can always be sold and all needed expenses accounted for), while the remaining 10-15% will be spent on advertisement and PR. Such resource distribution will heighten the company assets value, and with that – its paying capacity. The real estate market has its own rules, is quite stable (especially compared to other markets) and it is much easier to profit from it.

Around 02.20.2020 the EST token will debut on CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange platform, that's when it will be possible to buy and sell it without limits.

No. If we did that, the company would lose all profits.

The value of our token is decided by a few key factors, but what differentiates it from all other cryptocurrencies is the fact that it can generate revenue just by owning it. Its value in the future will be solely dependant on suppy and demand. Alredy there are certain elements that showcase its future growth: mentioned above possibility of generating revenue by owning it, limited availability (all unsold excess will be burned), constant stream of revenue into the company (with leasing, it's quite easy), continued publicity (after emissionstops, new people interested in buying our token will be able to do so only on cryptocurrency exchange platforms), the way real estate market works (seen in good light by investors). Even simplest assumptions tell us the possible return can be in hundreds of percent.

At this moment, tokens can be bought on our platform: – after emission ends, they will be available from 02.20.2020 on the CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange platform.

All unsold tokens will be burned, along with burning ofproportional amount of company tokens (these will never exceed 20%).

Every person that buys 2000 or more EST tokens, becomes a club member.

Every club member has the ability to „freeze” their EST tokens. This way they gain the possibility of attaining bitcoins, obtained proportionally to flipped and leased estates.

The company owns no more than 20% of all EST tokens. In case of burning unsold tokens, the company will also burn an equal amount of tokens owned by the company, so that it still maintains 20% of ownership and no more.

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